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When it comes to designing and producing the most creative displays, we’re substrate neutral. We have a long track record working with more than 10 distinct types of material with one simple criteria: what works best to achieve the desired look and function and durability.

Featured Materials we work with include:

3M™ Vinyl is a self-adhesive film that offers excellent colour retention and is easy to work with, thanks to its dead stretch properties, as well as its ease of application and removal.

Cardstock/Cardboard refers to any heavy-duty paper, ranging in thickness from a single thick sheet of paper, to complex configurations featuring multiple corrugated and uncorrugated layers.

Gator Board or Gatorfoam is a series of unique, lightweight structural panels consisting of a rigid Polystyrene foam core. The facing laminates have been specially developed to provide an excellent surface for printing and laminating, making it a top choice for signage, props, floats, exhibits and POP displays.

Falconboard® is a rigid paperboard with a unique fluted core that makes it both remarkably lightweight and strong. Its bright white smooth paper finish makes Falconboard an ideal choice for many large-format graphics and displays.

LEXAN™ or Polycarbonate is a high-performance resin that produces lightweight, yet extremely durable, strong and shatter-resistant solid plastic sheets.

Sintra® is a lightweight yet rigid PVC board in a low gloss finish that can withstand outdoor applications.

Canvas delivers a high-end fine-art look – the look of original artwork.

Plexiglass or Acrylic are versatile substrates that offers a range of thicknesses and translucence.

Coroplast® is a corrugated, fluted polypropylene sheet that is both water- and stain-resistant – and economical.

Crezon is a staple of the sign industry. As a specially-treated exterior grade plywood, Crezon typically is typically painted and printed for use in exterior applications including real estate signs and site signage.

Styrene and High-Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) are versatile, rigid substrates that are similar to PVC, but more suited to indoor applications.

Technology & Equipment


When you combine more than a 100 years of collective experience and the very latest in technology and equipment, it equals no constraints. It allows us to think as big as our clients, with complete confidence that we know exactly what it takes to execute the work.


Lamination not only increases durability but also the look of a piece. Global Imaging has both plastic and film lamination machines to ensure the right finish – right within our walls.

I-Cut is a sophisticated die-cutting technology that enables precise and intricate cuts with even the most complex shapes. The I-Cut software improves the productivity of digital finishing by achieving far greater speed and accuracy.

Laser cutting
Heat bending


Flat Bed High-Resolution Printers – up to 94” x 120” capacity 6-colour printing (including white)
Roll-to-Roll Printers – up to 64” capacity
I-Cut precision cutting machine – sizes up to 60” in width
UV Liquid Laminator – up to 54” substrates in high gloss and matte finishes
Film Laminator – handles sizes up to 54”